ADENINE HUMAN RESOURCES, the HR consultancy which makes the difference

For almost 20 years, more than 300 clients have chosen to place their trust in our team...

How do you explain this continuity in HR Consultancy within a context of change and crisis?

  • Supporting businesses and human resources through providing an evolutionary approach which is adapted to your needs, striving to obtain results through putting together a customised and professional approach.
  • The ADENINE HUMAN RESOURCES team draws its strength from a pragmatic approach combined with strong expertise and knowledge of your industry.
  • Developing and creating a sustainable relationship of quality.

In a changing economic environment with much at stake from a human, economic and legal  point of view, ADENINE HUMAN RESOURCES aims to:

  • Allow you to save time.
  • Provide you with a perfect mastery of our areas of expertise.
  • Enable you to make secure choices.
  • Support your development and help you succeed.

The HR Specialist
for Industry and
associated services

over 15 years
of experience

in headhunting
and coaching talent