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Recruiting, a complex managerial decision

Aware that recruitment is a complex managerial decision, we ensure a support to companies. We provide an effective operational approach, as part of their employee integration and development strategy.

To meet your expectations, ADENINE RECRUITMENT offers:

  • An original approach which combines expertise in research and evaluation of the sometimes very specialised profiles of Executives or Managers.
  • Knowledge of job areas with assessment capabilities and detailed behavioural analysis.
  • An ability to take our clients’ corporate culture into account and to validate the way it matches up with future employees.
  • An innovative approach which allows us to offer “outsider” profiles with transferable skills, along with relevant assessment and support methodologies.
  • A quality relationship with all partners (clients, those being evaluated, candidates, employees)
  • Production of clear contracts and a commitment to implement all the necessary means to ensure the full success of the project entrusted to us.
  • A consultant assigned to your project who provides sales and technical monitoring in collaboration with an assistant available for all your logistical questions.