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MR. D, applicant ( recruit as INDUSTRIAL MANAGER ): I appreciated the way of consulting of ADENINE: with a detailed job description, a good understanding of my personality and my needs … a real feedback from my tests, references and a genuine support during the procedure, a follow up during my trial period.
MR. G, applicant: ADENINE is a professional company, relevant analysis, appropriate advice, in-depth knowledge of their clients, they give me confidence in the decision making process.
MR D, client:  After 5 failures in recruitment, ADENINE approach suited me perfectly, we were successful.


MR.  W … I benefited an individual outplacement … relevant assessment center, specially for the managerial sphere, it really helps me to find a new job.
MRS C … Good listening an carrying, appropriate analysis, I made good progress during my coaching and after…


MR. DN, client: a good understanding of our needs, ADENINE did a good job, they provide the key to manage successful annuals appraisals for our Managers.